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Even in the midst of despair, 
something within us always points the way to freedom… 
Freedom begins with a single step


Since beginning my career in 2001 as an addiction counselor I have strived to meet my clients where they are at in their road to recovery. Through the years I have made the point to understand and become proficient at interventions that address underlying issues found to be at the core of the addiction. I realize that freedom from addiction does not occur just because a person can distance themselves from their drug of choice. Taking back control over your life from the false promises that your drug of choice has told you is possible. I have walked beside many others as they have found the freedom that taking deliberate steps can bring.


You have shown that you have what it takes within yourself to discover that freedom by taking the time to even read this statement. The bottom line is you deserve to have a better experience in your life than using substances or other process addictions has thrown at you.


I have invested 10 years in working with individuals and groups recovering from addiction and trauma as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor. I have other certifications, EMDR, Medication-Assisted Treatment, and CADAAC II that have been a part of many successful journeys towards freedom. 

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I am a LCSW, LCAC and EMDR certified with over 9 years of experience with many success stories such as, helping clients move from despair to freedom to live the life they deserve by conquering demons of addiction and/or trauma, overcoming the fears of anxiety, the stronghold of depression, no longer lost in the fog of dissociation, in self-control and learning to love self for the first time after years of trauma and abuse.

I have been blessed when children and spouses of clients have expressed their thanks for helping their loved one get on the right path of recovery from addiction and trauma.


I do hope you give me the honor of helping you write your success story in life.

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